Director of Philanthropy

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Maryanne Diaz is a beloved member of Vanguard Properties. A multitalented real estate agent, Maryanne also serves as the company’s Director of Philanthropy as the envoy between various charities and Vanguard Properties.

Originally CEO James Nunemacher’s project manager, Maryanne has evolved into a gifted designer, marketer, and event planner. Her ability to utilize her connections for event coordination helps Vanguard Properties remain at the forefront of charitable outreach, education, and luxury real estate.

Licensed since 2003, Maryanne has flourished in several real estate markets, taking the helm of major construction and design projects along the way. No matter the market, Maryanne assists her clients with confidence, empathy and expertise. She has worked as a personal designer for several of her clients as well.

Real estate offers her exciting challenges and the diversity of clients, homes, and Bay Area as well as Lake Tahoe listings, are bolstered by her incredible energy. Maryanne is an active sportswoman; in her downtime, she snowboards, sprints triathlons, is a bit of a gym rat, golfs, and bikes around wine country and San Francisco, the city she has called home for over 20 years.