Chief Operating Officer

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David Chol brings over 16 years of real estate experience to his role as Chief Operating Officer for Vanguard Properties. With experience across the real estate industry ranging from historic redevelopment, large scale new home building, real estate tech, and private equity, David brings a well-rounded perspective to operations and sales at Vanguard. He has a passion for the nuances of real estate and the endless creative opportunities that exist for both real estate professionals and their clients.

David launched his real estate career in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina while completing residential redevelopment projects throughout New Orleans. Upon completing these projects, David moved to Houston, Texas where he began a career in new home development with the nation’s largest homebuilder. During his new home development career, David managed the sales for some of the highest producing residential master planned communities in the country. By the end of his tenure, David had facilitated the sale of more than 500 homes and was integral to the success of over 20 large-scale real estate developments.

Throughout his home building career, David sought to educate himself on the emerging technologies changing the industry. He effectively remained at the forefront of these changes, utilizing them to benefit his clients. In 2018, he left the homebuilding industry to more deeply integrate himself in the future of real estate and transitioned to Austin, Texas. Over the past four years, he held positions in the real estate tech and private equity space. His professional experience includes time as a national partnerships manager and as a national director of expansion for marquee pioneers of the industry.

David attended Louisiana State University and spent his time between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Throughout his career, David has spent significant time traveling to San Francisco and fell in love with the city. He has a love for the city’s architecture, vibrant spirit, and culinary scene that remind him of his roots. Throughout his life, David has always had a commitment to helping those who are unhoused. He has previously served on the Board of Directors for the HomeAid foundation, a national charity organization focused on alleviating the factors affecting our unhoused neighbors.